Ceramic kiln-Forebay

Once it lost its status as the residence of the feudal lords and was sold, the Castle entered a period of decline during which it was used for different purposes depending on the period: a warehouse for building materials, a cask workshop, a refuge during the Spanish Civil War, etc. In 1945, Joan Recasens decided to set up a pottery workshop, which was active until 1960. To fire the pieces he made he had to build a kiln, which is still there today. Although it was constructed in the twentieth century, it is traditional in style, with three levels. The bottom one, known as the fogaina (furnace), the door of which gave on to the former kitchen, was where they used to burn bundles of firewood, while on a level that has now disappeared they used to fire the first vessels. The top level, known as the forebay, accessed by a door in an area of the stairs, was where they placed most of the objects that needed firing: jugs, pails, flagons, vases, drinking troughs and animal feeders, among other products. The smoke outlet was by the landing of the main staircase. The firing temperature used to reach 800ÂșC.