The Icart Family

They controlled the barony of Torredembarra from 1391, when Pere of Icart bought it from the Olzinelles family.

They played an active role in the wars of Italy, especially in Naples, and were rewarded with different lordships and other privileges. They were particularly known for being senior royal servants and, for a large part of the 16th century, were given the honour to hold the post of general mayor of Catalonia.

With the death of the last of the Icarts in 1658, the lordship of Torredembarra began to lose importance, reaching its end with the grandson, Andreu of Reart and of Icart, also great-grandson of a member of the Queralt family. When Andreu of Reart and of Icart inherited the Queralt family home in 1683, he changed his name to Andreu of Queralt and was named Count of Santa Coloma. With this, the title of baron of Torredembarra and everything concerning the lordship became subject to a much more important title, that of Count of Santa Coloma de Queralt.

Lluís of Icart and of Agustí (1530-1580)

The lord behind the construction of the castle. Son of Cristòfol of Icart and Isabel of Agustí. At the age of 16 he married Dionisia of Carcassonne and of Queralt,lady of Almenar.

He held the titles of baron of Torredembarra, lord of Vespella, of Almenar, of Cunit castle and of Farell country house of the district of Segur, and lord of the castle of Cubelles and lord of Barberà and Geltrú. Carlos V named him general mayor of Catalonia, a post that he held from 1552 and that he exercised with diligence.

He is considered one of the most noteworthy members of the saga and established the family’s role on the social and political scene. He died in Tarragona and was buried at the chapel of Saint George in Torredembarra church, also known as the “chapel of the lords”.